AVODA Bootcamp

Training and strategies for AVODA Bootcamp August 2021:

  • Three 2 hour/day evening sessions for 4 weeks
  • Each session included a devotional by AVODA friend or AVODA Fund board member, training in business leadership and skills by Jun, business leader, or staff, topical breakout sessions led by facilitator, session report back to whole group, links to additional topic information, and summation by Jun of day’s session
  • An important aspect of this training was individual participant introductions where they related their business ideas and goals. Participants continued offline chats where a number of them connected for further business interactions.

AVODA’s goals for this and two other bootcamps this year (September and October) are:

  • Equipping entrepreneurs and business leaders to thrive during and post-COVID
  • Introducing and recruit for the AVODA full entrepreneur program that begins in January 2022. How was this accomplished during COVID-19 lockdowns? Creativity from a dedicated team in Uganda. Not just Zoom classes but breakout sessions led by the AVODA team.
  • Raising up advocates for AVODA’s programs and the work AVODA is doing for God’s Kingdom in the Uganda’s Startup ecosystem.