Raising support for Christian educational and entrepreneurial endeavors in developing nations around the globe.

Why Africa and Why Business

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Meet The Visionary

Jun Shiomitsu founded African Business Institute (ABI) in 2016. As president of ABI, Jun launched multiple companies in southeast Africa and advised Asian and European corporates expanding  into African continent. 

Prior to this, Jun co-founded Deutch Bank Group’s Global Financial Institute in Switzerland, before which he was Assistant Vice President CitiBank, Japan, Treasury Department. Jun has successfully led multinational projects in Japan, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Uganda, and Malawi. Jun holds an MBA from Cambridge University. 

Presently, Jun Shiomitsu is President of AVODA Group, an entrepreneurship program in Uganda (www.avodagroup.org).

Our Philosophy

We believe Africa is just a generation away from establishing itself as a leader in business innovation and economic breakthrough. AVODA Fund’s vision is to equip the upcoming generation of African men, women, and small and mid-size enterprises that will own this new era.

Our mission is to provide support to organizations in Africa and other developing countries seeking to train and equip competent Christian business leaders.  These organizations will educate, mentor, and help launch small to medium-sized local businesses that alleviate poverty and encourage economic growth.  Establishment of small to medium size businesses can fill the “missing middle” between giant multinational conglomerates and sprawling micro-businesses common in developing countries.

raising business leaders & transforming lives

The Problem

Africa and other developing countries normally have two types of businesses: multinational conglomerates and a sprawling micro business sector. There is a "missing middle" in these countries.

The Solution

In the developed countries 50-60% of businesses are small, owner-run companies employing 50-100 workers. AVODA Fund's goal is to help raise competent business leaders to fill this missing middle.

Will it work?

AVODA Fund's board and staff worked alongside a university level MBA program in Uganda and Malawi to foster community-based businesses for four years. There were many positive results.

Join the Transformation

Support African Christian business organizations and beyond one at a time. Those who train and guide new businesses need your support.