A Strategic Approach to the great commission

Theology of ministry

The last words of our Lord Jesus before He ascended into Heaven were, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to all creation.” At AVODA we believe that, by “all creation”, Jesus literally meant “ALL creation.” This, of course, means all geographic locations in the world. But it also means we must spread the Good News to all SECTORS of the world … sectors including law, politics, fashion, media, medicine, and of course, business.

The AVODA Fund supports programs that teach that a Christian business must do more than merely tithe, donate, or operate above moral reproach. Its main identity must be a business that builds God’s Kingdom where it stands, a business that transforms lives, communities, industries, and even countries for Jesus Christ. Students spend a year learning what this means on a practical level before launching startups designed to carry on Christ’s work of redemption and sanctification.

Philosophy of ministry

We believe that Africa today is of strategic importance for the gospel ministry. The World Bank recently did an analysis of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world. Eleven of them were in Africa. Businesses around the world are beginning to enter Africa’s $600 billion dollar market. Africa is in a unique position to proclaim the gospel to all the world because the world is on its way to Africa. Africa is where Christians of the 21st century should be building Christian models of economics, government, society, and business. AVODA’s mission is to build godly businesses in Africa that will be a light unto the world.

Furthermore, other than in the few economic powerhouses such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, most sub-Saharan economies have a business landscape polarized into large, foreign capital or government-related conglomerates and micro, subsistence businesses that produce only as much as they consume. The SME (small- to medium-enterprise) sector is visibly missing. This is staggering when we realize that 50-60% of GDP and employment in developed economies come from this sector.

Our Kingdom-strategy is to launch Christian SMEs to fill this gap, envisioning a future where 50-60% of GDP and employment in Christian-majority countries, such as Uganda and Malawi, are generated by Kingdom-building businesses.

Join the Transformation

Support African Christian business organizations and beyond one at a time. Those who train and guide new businesses need your support.