Where Are They Now…

Espoir Mbonyingabo

Growing up among the remains of war-torn Rwanda, Espoir saw the results of civil warfare, but also the hope passed on through parents. They wanted more for their son. Espoir Mbonyingabo, rose above the poverty through hard work and education. He earned a master’s degree at Africa Business Institute in Uganda. Espoir said, “My connection with Jun Shiomitsu during his time inspired me as Jun encouraged students to follow their passion and start their own businesses.”

Where is Espoir now? He has joined the AVODA staff as Marketing Manager, and, in early 2020, launched his own company, iHuz Solutions. 

iHuz is a tech company based in Uganda that focuses on leveraging emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain) to build softwares. iHuz’s

Espoir related, “iHuz Solutions has partnered with IBM (International Business Machine) to develop a B2B supply chain cloud-based software using blockchain technology to create a seamless, efficient, and transparent system for supply chain industry.” Way to go, young man! vision is to revolutionize supply chain management in East Africa using emerging technologies.

iHuz Solutions has so far consulted with a couple of local companies (Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Association) on blockchain technology integration in their systems of operations and institutions (Nottingham University – UK) for their PhD tech related projects in the sub-Saharan Africa. We also have 10 companies on the waiting list spanning three continents as we are still in the developing, testing, iterating stage.

Espoir is also involved in the Creative space (side hustle). He cofounded KuziSmart with his friends to help young creatives. KuziSmart is a hub for creatives with all kinds of digital skills from copyrighting, graphic design, website design, content creation, digital marketing, videography, etc. They have helped create digital presence and enhanced digital footprint for over 15 organizations that were struggling during COVID-19.

We are proud to have Espoir on the AVODA team and as a fine example of what training, support, and hard work can produce to help transform Africa for Christ