Additional Student Remarks After First Teaching Module

Ruth in her storeRuth Balemezi: Business Strategy and the Kingdom of God was very educative and informative. Firstly, it made me realize the layers of operation for a kingdom business. The course has above all helped me determine the price of my products, not just as guess work. The concept of the value chain was so thrilling, it made me realize how I can position myself and the business.
The way the content was delivered was awesome. I loved the devotions and how they practically related to the marketplace.  Moreover, the contents brought out the true nuggets on how you can fight back in business, differentiate, or reduce cost. Most of the contents have already been applied in my business. 
I appreciate the AVODA team for this initiative. It’s worth every shilling. Thanks for touching the community. By empowering a business like mine, means empowering all my staff and the country at large. I am certain that I will compete better, make healthy revenue, create social good while building the kingdom of God.

Barbra: This course has helped me to bridge the gap between Christianity and business. I have been a Christian who thought that Christianity and business could not mix until I took on this course.

Amelia M: Many of us are from a background that falsely taught Christians that money is root of all evil, that to be rich is bad and ambition is ungodly. So any content that empowers Christians to merge business and, not just the Gospel but the gospel of the Kingdom, is essential!

Doreen: This course has helped me see my business as not my business but God’s. I am serving the purpose for which He created me. Adding Kingdom strategy to the business I am doing will far outlive me than where I was currently heading.Beauty salon sign in Uganda

Emanzi: The module has changed my mindset on business. I understand a business is supposed to have a healthy revenue, do social good and have Kingdom value in that it is defined by its fruits not by its name.

Amelia K: The content and projects are practical and greatly inspiring to individuals to start business with Godly values. It also combines economics, business and entrepreneurship skills. I have an MBA, but this was so helpful since it is so practical.

Charles: The experience has been great! The amount of learning is intense but is really contextualized so that the participants can relate to the content. Also, the classroom projects highlighted the need for teamwork and business goals.

Caroline: The content stirred up great reflections during the daily class devotions. For instance, from Mark 10:13-16, I saw myself and my work just like the children who were almost denied access to come to Jesus. I must remember that I’m in God’s service, and it is Him who validates me to be a valuable person in my community.

Raymond: There was high level of experience and knowledge shared during the module. Its more practical and brought me closer to the understanding of the real business world.

Cordellia: I now think beyond myself and my family. I am also concerned about transforming culture, impacting lives through business as well as doing business beyond the boundaries of my Industry. The content is clearly more extensive than I have seen and experienced before. I appreciated every bit of it. (Editor’s note: Cordellia was one of the early applicates for 2023. Her story appeared in the November 2022 AVODA Fund newsletter.)

Robert: All our lecturers have much practical experience which enables the students to gain more confidence and trust in the lecturers and the lessons being delivered to us.