About the Vine Awards

From Joshua Agonya:
The Vine Awards is an annual Ugandan program that focuses on Events Planning & Management. 
Vine Awards focus on recognizing Christians who are doing amazing things in the 7 Spheres of Influence

  • Family
  • Religion / Church
  • Education
  • Government
  • Media
  • Celebration (Arts, Entertainment, and Sports)
  • Economics (Business, Science, and Technology)

AVODA was recognized for their role in Economics (Business, Science, and Technology), specifically business through our Institute of Entrepreneurship. 

WHY is this event very important to AVODA Institute:

  • In Uganda, and much of Africa, life is measured, not as a linear understanding of time, but through events. Events are therefore a very integral part of relationships, community, and growth. 
  • For us, it is a sales event. We are establishing networks to sell our consulting services, our beautiful space, and our Institute of Entrepreneurship.